About Fogo de Chão

Fogo de Chão is a fine dining, full-service Brazilian steakhouse (also referred to as a churrascaria). Fogo de Chão means "fire of ground" in Portuguese, and is a nod to the restaurant's traditional gaúcho method of roasting its meats over an open fire, much like the southern Brazilian gaúchos did many centuries ago. The steakhouse operates nine locations in Brazil and 29 locations in the United States, with the first US location having opened in Dallas, Texas in 1997.

Fogo de Chão is widely known for its rodiízio style service. After customers pay a fixed price for the meat course, passadores (meat waiters) periodically come to the table with knives and skewered meat, and will continue to arrive with food until the customer signals that they have had enough. The meat is often served right off of its cooking spit, and is sliced and plated at the customer's table.

With plans to construct many more locations throughout the US, Fogo de Chão was in great need of a construction management solution to consolidate its workflow. With Projectmates construction program management software, the company aims for more than just completing every new location on schedule and under budget — each restaurant must be constructed in the highest quality, immersing customers in the unique and luxurious experience that is Fogo De Chão dining.

About Projectmates

The construction projects of today have many moving pieces, dispersed project participants, and tight schedules. In order to accomplish all project-related goals in a timely, effective, and efficient manner, the right kind of tools are critical. Projectmates exceeds clients' expectations with real-time access to the most accurate information, consistently keeping projects on schedule and under budget.

Projectmates is the most comprehensive online construction management software available today. As mobile construction management software, Projectmates improves team collaboration and communication in real time and on any device, be it a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Our CPMS provides a centralized location for construction document management, workflow automation, punch list management, construction accounting integration, and much more. Powerful and informative construction dashboards as well as easily customizable ad-hoc construction reports provide a new level of project progress tracking.

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